Company Values

Guiding principles

- Fulfil the requirements of the Austrian WMA and the Packaging Ordinance at the lowest possible economic cost while achieving the greatest possible benefit to the Environment
- Maintain non-profit orientation in our core business i.e. providing packaging compliance services in Austria)
- Equal treatment of all packaging materials
- Strictly material-specific calculation of tariffs and, wherever possible, expense-based cost allocation;  no cross-subsidies between packaging materials
- Allow competition between packaging materials
- Provide financial transparency
- Promote political and social acceptance in line with market requirements
- Ensure competition at every level of the value-added chain, particularly through competition in the awarding of contracts 


Our core business is to offer packaging compliance services for all packaging materials that are disposed of by households and the commercial sector. We organise the collection, sorting and recovery of packaging waste throughout Austria. Together with our partners, we have established one of the leading collection and recovery schemes in Europe. We also offer innovative waste management solutions to customers in Austria and abroad.

Customers and owners

ARA was established and is ultimately owned by the companies and organisations to which the Austrian Packaging Ordinance pertains. The same terms and conditions apply to all customers, and we act in the best interest of ARA’s owners and to the benefit of all license partners alike. The company goals are stated in ARA’s mission statement and guiding principles. Our customer relations are based on transparency, accountability and trust.

Efficiency principle

By providing our customers with compliance services at the lowest sustainable cost, we aim for market and price leadership in a competitive environment. ARA operates on a non-profit basis in the core business, while at the same time observing the principles of sound business, maximum efficiency and cost transparency.

Operational partners

We work together with numerous partners and use the advantages of competitive procurement in awarding contracts. The smooth cooperation with our partners – city and municipal governments, waste management associations and private-sector waste disposal and recovery companies - and our strong capacity for innovation form the basis for the success, efficiency and acceptance of our packaging collection scheme.


ARA’s employees represent the company and its values and goals in all contacts with customers and partners. Competent, responsible, reliable and flexible, our staff help maintain a company culture which is based on mutual respect, both in-house and in external relations. Our family-friendly human resource policies are essential for the performance and job satisfaction of our staff. 

Company environment

ARA’s business activities help protect the environment and make an active contribution to climate protection. In addition to providing secondary raw materials and energy sources, we also promote the prevention of waste. Minimising the environmental impact of the collection, sorting and recovery of packaging waste is one of our top priorities. At the same time, we are also working hard to achieve a high level of acceptance among consumers, businesses, administrators, and politicians, above all by providing them with information.

Corporate governance

ARA is committed to open communications and mutual trust between management and employees. All goals are well defined; all tasks and responsibilities are clearly assigned. In our dealings with each other – including dealing with criticism – we are open, constructive and solution-oriented. Independent action and cross-departmental thinking are encouraged and supported. 

Quality goals

ARA has a strong commitment to the principles of legal and contractual compliance. As a quality-oriented company, we always aim to improve our performance. This is why we also review the economic impact of our quality and environmental goals, which are set at regular intervals.