Ownership Structure

ARA AG is a stock corporation, with the non-profit association Altstoff Recycling Austria being the majority shareholder. Any enterprise that manufactures or imports packaging or trades in packaged goods can become a member (and thus co-owner) of the association. Only waste disposal companies are excluded from joining the association.

To ensure that the three main interest groups are equally represented, the ARA association is divided into three sections: manufacturers, packers/fillers/importers, and wholesaler/retailers of packaging.

ARA AG’s ownership structure also reflects this division into three groups, and all nine packaging materials are equally represented within the group of packaging manufacturers in line with the provisions of the Packaging Ordinance. The companies representing the individual packaging materials hold a share of 3.7 % each, either indirectly as members of the ARA association or through a separate body.

While the manufacturers of packaging made of paper, plastics, metal (ferrous metal and aluminium) and wood chose to set up separate entities, the manufacturers of other packaging are exclusively represented by the ARA association.