AGR (Austria Glas Recycling GmbH) is a non-profit company that has collected and recycled glass packaging in Austria since the 1970s. Glass recycling is a prototype and role model for circular economy systems. The scheme operated by AGR is exemplary in that it strikes a fine balance between providing an economically efficient and a needs-based service. Internationally, it is recognised as a best-practice example in terms of recycling rates as well as environmental and sustainability standards. ARA AG holds a 51 % stake in AGR.


ARA AG’s service subsidiary, ARAplus GmbH, is a one-stop shop for the full range of services provided by the ARA group. ARAplus specialists provide consultancy services on packaging compliance and help customers arrive at integrated and professional waste management Solutions.


ARES Advanced Recycling Solutions GmbH was founded in fall 2009. This wholly owned subsidiary of ARA AG develops customised waste disposal solutions for businesses and industry. ARES’s comprehensive range of services helps companies implement professional waste management solutions.


ARA AG and the ERA association together operate Elektro Recycling Austria GmbH, the Austrian specialist for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) offering comprehensive recycling services. The non-profit enterprise ERA offers to assume all transferable obligations arising from the Austrian WEEE Ordinance and the Batteries Ordinance for manufacturers, wholesalers/retailers, importers and exporters of electronic devices and batteries. As ARA AG’s subsidiary, ERA has access to many years of waste management know-how and recycling expertise like no other company in this sector.


NetMan Network Management und IT Service GmbH is ARA’s subsidiary for data communications and IT services. It has many years of experience in the development and implementation of complex software solutions with a focus on client-server database applications. NetMan offers several solutions for waste management companies, for instance for meeting the extensive data recording and reporting requirements.