Circularity Gap Report Austria

In the global Circularity Gap Report 2018, Circle Economy concluded that the global economy is just 9.1% circular, leaving a massive ‘circularity gap’.   

The analysis on the Austrian economy suggests a circularity rate of 9.7% - slightly above the global average. Different from the waste recycling rate, this represents the proportion of secondary materials in all materials required by the economy. This study outlines how this number was calculated and how the material flows are modelled through the Austrian economy.   

In fact, a value of 9.7% is remarkable for an industrialized, trading and growing economy as a large portion of the resource consumption originates from imports and ends up in so-called anthropogenic stocks: Buildings, infrastructure or machinery with decades of use ahead until these masses become available for reuse or recycling.   

This report is the first of its kind, where the circularity of a country is assessed combining different approaches. The relevance of the outcomes therefore goes beyond providing an action agenda for Austria alone.