EU circular economy requirements: challenges and solutions

Keeping resources in the loop, using them efficiently and protecting the climate: These are the goals of the EU’s circular economy package. Its implementation poses a big challenge – for us at ARA, our customers in industry, business and trade, the recycling industry and municipalities.

Plastic packaging is the biggest challenge: To meet the EU’s 2025 targets, Austria will have to double its plastic recycling rate over the next five years. 

We want every single packaging returned for recycling 
We need to keep resources in the loop as efficiently and as long as possible. For this to work, designers and manufacturers have to make sure that the materials they use are easy to collect, sort and reprocess once they are discarded. Also, a huge increase is required in the demand for, and use of, high-quality recycled materials. We are working hard on achieving these goals. 

Circular Plastics 2030 – Rethinking Resources and the Circular Economy. A Call to Action.  
The Circular Plastics booklet provides a summary of how we at ARA aim to master the challenges that the EU’s circular economy package and Single-Use Plastics Directive pose for all players in the circular economy field. The booklet also highlights how the different stakeholders can contribute to achieving the goals and targets.