Research & innovation

Competence centre and driver of innovation

The ARA service group has played a major role in Austrian waste management since 1993. Thanks to our many years of experience in the industry, our expertise is unique in Austria. We are a driving force for the circular economy and a pioneer in our field. And we remain committed to sharing the knowledge we have gained, acquiring new knowledge and fostering innovation. We cooperate with numerous teaching and research facilities in the field of resource management to ensure that our work is in line with the latest scientific findings.

Christian Doppler Laboratory

The Christian Doppler Laboratory for Anthropogenic Resources at the Vienna…

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ARA initiated and co-founded the Circular Economy Coalition for Europe…

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ETIA MSc Programme

The MSc Programme on Environmental Technology and International Affairs (ETIA)…

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Austria Glas ReCIRCLE

Austria Glas ReCIRCLE is a high-level forum for expert discussions. It is hosted…

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Sustainability Future Council

In the context of our “Sustainability Future Council – Green Logistics”…

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Stakeholder dialogue

The stakeholder dialogue hosted by Austria Glas Recycling allows experts from…

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Science cooperation

Our close cooperation with universities has allowed us to adapt our logistics…

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The ARA service group is a member of PRO Europe and the International Solid…

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