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Waste prevention

One out of five food items ends up in the bin – 760,000 tonnes of food are thrown away every year. Do your part to prevent waste, protect the environment and save money. It’s easy, and every little bit counts.

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    Tip #1

    Make a shopping list

    Stick to your shopping list to avoid impulse buys.

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    Tip #2

    Bring your own shopping bag

    Protect the environment by using fewer single-use bags.

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    Tip #3

    Don’t go shopping hungry.

    When you shop on an empty stomach, you’ll be much more tempted to buy things you don’t need.

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    Tip #4

    Check the use-by date.

    Pay attention to the use-by date so your food supplies don’t end up in the bin.

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    Tip #5

    Only buy what you really need.

    Make sure you can use up what you buy.

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    Tip #6

    Repair before buying new.

    Not every device that is broken is beyond repair and needs to be replaced right away.

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    Tip #7

    Use a sandwich box and your own drinking bottle for your packed lunch.

    They are a great alternative to tin foil, single-use bottles and cans when eating outside the home.