Waste sorting

Austrian consumers are really good at sorting waste: 96 % of them separate their packaging waste from general waste. Taken together, Austrian households sort and collect more than 1 million tonnes of packaging and paper waste each year, so they can be sent for recovery.

We provide consumers with around 1.8 million bins for the collection of waste packaging made of paper, plastic, metal and glass. In addition, we organise a pick-up service for 1.6 million households (yellow bag/yellow bin scheme).

Why is it important that you put your waste in the right bin?

Only sorted recyclables can be recovered, reprocessed and used in the manufacture of new products. This way, we can protect the environment, conserve natural resources and reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

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    Tip #1

    Plastic bottles and plastic packaging:

    Squash plastic bottles and put them in the yellow bin or yellow bag. Other types of plastic waste (e.g. toys or gardening tools) do not belong in the yellow bag/yellow bin.

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    Tip #2

    Metal packaging:

    Make sure cans and other metal packaging (e.g. aluminium and tinplate) are completely empty before you put them in the mixed metal recycling bin. No waste electrical and electronic equipment.

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    Tip #3

    Glass packaging:

    Separate bottles and jars into clear and coloured glass and put them in the appropriate bin. No other types of glass waste (window panes, drinking glasses or light bulbs).

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    Tip #4

    Paper packaging:

    Flatten cardboard boxes and put them in the waste paper bin or drop them off at a recycling yard. Soiled paper, napkins and used paper tissues belong in the general waste bin.