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Environmental education: ARA4kids

ARA4kids offers a playful way to instil environmental awareness from a young age. It lays the foundation for green behaviour and gets kids involved in environmental protection. ARA4kids focuses on litter prevention, waste prevention, and the separate collection and recycling of packaging.

Teaching materials

The ARA4kids pack provides educators and waste consultants with suggestions and comprehensive teaching materials for environmental education in pre-school and primary school. It focuses on teaching complex issues – waste prevention, the separate collection and recycling of packaging as well as litter prevention – in a simple yet creative manner. The materials are available in German only.

Teaching and learning folder
Comic book
Colouring pages
Audio book

Die Glückskäferband & Lied (die Glückskäferbande)

Song lyrics and choreography
  • Die Glückskäferbande

    99 KB   


  • Tobi Trennguru

    99 KB   


  • ARA Mülltonnen Star

    119 KB   


  • ARA Mülltonnen Star Tanzchoreographie

    180 KB   


Guessing sounds game

Müllspiel Geräuscheraten