Circular economy

Environmental impact

With the collection and recovery of packaging, WEEE and batteries, the ARA service group contributes significantly to protecting the climate and the environment.


The environmental benefits are twofold: For one thing, using recycled paper, glass, plastic and metal packaging as a secondary raw material reduces CO2 emissions. And for another, the use of packaging waste as a secondary fuel helps save coal, fuel oil, coke, and natural gas.

The environmental impact of our business activities is calculated using a life cycle assessment model that covers all packaging materials. It considers both positive effects and adverse impacts (e.g. the carbon emissions of waste collection vehicles). The results are evaluated by the Environment Agency Austria and the Vienna University of Technology, which confirm that the ARA service group helped save 500,000 tonnes CO2 equivalents in 2016. This corresponds to around 6 % of the annual emissions caused by all passenger cars registered in Austria.

Waste electrical and electronic equipment

Producing secondary raw materials from WEEE and recycling CFC-containing cooling appliances also help protect the climate: Greenhouse gas emission savings in Austria totalled around 300,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalents in 2016.