Compliance service

Legal framework

The obligations you have to fulfil when you place packaging or packaged products on the market in Austria are set out in the Austrian Waste Management Act and the Packaging Ordinance.

For commercial packaging, you can choose one of the two options listed below for meeting your obligations. For household packaging, you are required to join a packaging compliance scheme from 1 January 2015 (Article 8 Packaging Ordinance 2014).

1. Obligations of businesses that do not join a packaging compliance scheme

  • Collect packaging waste through a scheme of your own
  • Organise the re-use or recovery of packaging waste in state-of-the-art facilities
  • Fulfil minimum recycling rates for each packaging material
  • Submit annual data reports to the Ministry of Environment, including a breakdown by packaging materials, the amount of packaging placed on the market, the amount collected, the coverage rate in percent, the amount transferred and the transferee

2. Obligations of businesses that register with a packaging compliance scheme

  • Enter into a compliance agreement
  • Submit data reports on the amount of packaging placed on the market
  • Pay the material-specific compliance fee