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1. Privacy  
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2. Agreement  
Agreement You can request a packaging compliance agreement by clicking the button below: Request agreement ARA ONLINE PORTAL    
3. Glass packaging  
Glass packaging Collection Within the ARA service group, Austria Glas Recycling is responsible for organising the collection and recovery of glass packaging. Around 80,600 waste glass…  
4. Metal packaging  
Metal packaging Collection Metal packaging is mainly collected in blue bins, which are located at central collection points. In some regions, metal packaging is collected together with…  
5. Plastic packaging  
Plastic packaging Collection There are two household schemes: In around 60 % of Austria, packaging made of plastic or composite materials is collected in yellow bags or bins together with…  
6. Paper packaging  
Paper packaging Collection ARA collects around 300,000 tonnes of paper packaging each year. Of this, business and industry account for roughly two-thirds, and households and SMEs account for…  
7. [Translate to English:] EU Kreislaufwirtschaftspaket  
[Translate to English:] EU Kreislaufwirtschaftspaket [Translate to English:] Aktuell stammen erst 10 % unseres Rohstoffbedarfs aus dem Recycling. Um die Rohstoffwende und einen Beitrag zum…  
8. Contact for journalists  
Contact for journalists Simone de Raaij Tel.: +43.1.599 97-310 E-Mail: or Christian Halbertschlager Tel.: +43.1.599 97-300 E-Mail:  
9. EU Circular Economy Package  
EU circular economy requirements: challenges and solutions Keeping resources in the loop, using them efficiently and protecting the climate: These are the goals of the EU’s circular economy package.…  
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