Waste management


Waste management solutions for business and industry

We are here to support you with a broad range of tailored solutions. ARAplus experts develop waste management concepts that meet the complex legal requirements. We also check and update existing concepts and highlight necessary adaptations of quality management systems (e.g. for ISO certification).

Our all-round service for corporate customers has a great potential for savings and optimisation. It usually makes sense as soon as the amount and quality of the waste you produce exceeds that of a typical household.

Event waste management

As a host and organiser of big events, you can rely on the ARA event service to help you minimise the environmental impact of your events. You can outsource the entire waste management function to us, including the drawing up of a waste management concept. You benefit doubly, first by projecting a professional image with a clean venue, and second by saving money, as the sorting of waste leads to smaller amounts of residual waste.

Our solutions at a glance

  • Waste management practices
  • Event waste management
  • IT services