Environment & sustainability

We take social and environmental responsibility

Processing recyclables into raw materials, preventing waste and protecting the environment are at the heart of our activities. Environmental protection and sustainability play a key role for us – the ARA service group is a driving force for the circular economy: We promote an efficient and sustainable use of resources, and we provide valuable secondary raw materials and energy sources through state-of-the-art recycling. And we make a valuable contribution to climate protection.

Environmental and economic goals do not conflict with each other; we work hard to make social and economic aspects an integral part of environmental goals. We are committed to the principle of sustainability and achieve economic success based on a long-term strategy that also takes account of the company’s social and environmental responsibility.

Climate protection and environmental impacts

With the collection and recovery of packaging, WEEE and batteries, the ARA…

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To ensure high quality and environmental sustainability, the quality management…

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Voluntary initiatives of the business community

The ARA service group has been proactive in promoting projects that drive up…

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