ARA Licensing Service

How we help you live up to your producer responsibility obligations.

We, as a non profit organization, take on all obligations you have as a producer under the Austrian Packaging Ordinance, WEEE Ordinance and Batteries Ordinance. ARA is the only collection scheme in Austria that has been a non-profit organisation from day one. This benefits you directly, as does our commitment to economic efficiency and the ongoing optimisation of our collection, sorting and recovery scheme.

Legal certainty

Compliance guaranteed


More than 30 years of expertise

Non-profit status

Benefits at all levels


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Licensing service for packaging

When we started out 30 years ago, we offered a packaging compliance service and organised the collection and recovery of packaging waste in Austria to take on all obligations our members had under the Austrian Packaging Ordinance. Our business has grown to include comprehensive packaging waste management and consultancy services.

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Licensing service for WEEE and batteries

We fulfil all obligations that you as a producer, wholesaler/retailer, importer and exporter of electrical equipment and batteries have under the Austrian WEEE Ordinance and the Batteries Ordinance. In addition to offering a full consultancy service, we organise the collection and proper recycling of WEEE and batteries in line with the state of the art.


Meet your producer responsibility obligations by entering a compliance agreement for your packaging, WEEE or batteries. We are happy to provide advice and support you in choosing the right solutions.