ARA Material Flow Management


Waste management has changed fundamentally over the past decades. Once concerned with the mere disposal of waste, the waste management industry has since become highly regulated and sophisticated, putting waste to good use and regarding recyclables as valuable raw materials. We use our technical, economic and environmental expertise to drive this development forward. Tap into this expertise to survive and thrive in the innovative and profitable resource management market.

Legal certainty

Meet all legal requirements

Cost reductions

Realise potential savings


Use resources efficiently


Keeping resources in the recycling loop for as long as possible is essential to using them efficiently. Our future-oriented solutions for material flow management improve your waste streams and waste management processes, while also providing you with high-quality recycled materials for your manufacturing processes.

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Process checks

Manage material flows and cut costs

We track and trace waste and recyclable materials at your company and look at all relevant processes. Our process checks provide valuable insights into the current state of affairs and highlight potential areas of improvement. A thorough analysis makes sure you are not wasting money on waste management.

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Waste management in-house and outside

Bespoke solutions and 360-degree service

Leave it to us to devise an in-house waste management solution for you. Our goals are clear: improving waste sorting and ensuring the best use of recyclable materials so as to ensure compliance with the duty of care for your waste. We determine which external services you need and select waste management partners that offer the best value for money. In addition, we take care of order management for you, including order tracking, claims management, and billing control.

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High-quality secondary raw materials

Sustainable recovery for sustainable production

Global natural resources are scarce – which is why it’s so important to use recycled materials instead of virgin raw materials. We can provide you with high-quality secondary raw materials made in Austria for your manufacturing needs thanks to state-of-the-art recycling, processing and refining technologies.

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Logistics and transport

Efficient and transparent in transit

Fast, safe, cost-effective and sustainable. We benefit from many years of logistics and industry expertise in developing the best circular economy logistics solutions for you. And we organise the environment-friendly transport of all types of waste and recyclables.


Do you wish to optimise your material flow management? We are happy to advise you on how to best fulfil your responsibilities in the circular economy.

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