ARA Circular Design

How we make packaging circular.

ARA Circular Design combines design for recycling and design from recycling. It improves the recyclability of packaging while at the same time increasing the use of recycled materials. We set up ARA Circular Design for two main reasons: to ensure the sustainable use of resources and to help our customers meet EU requirements for eco-friendly packaging design. All plastic packaging must be recyclable by 2030.

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How we consider recycling at the design stage.

Design for recycling means recyclability is factored in from the start – without compromising the full functionality or attractiveness of packaging. And design from recycling aims to increase the use of recycled materials.

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How circular is your packaging?

We analyse your packaging and its components together with our partners, cyclos-HTP and FH Campus Wien, and evaluate its recyclability under the current conditions for collection, sorting and recovery in Austria based on objective testing standards. Then we make initial proposals on how to improve your packaging to make it more environmentally sustainable and economically efficient. You will receive a certificate stating the degree of recyclability.

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Let us make your packaging fit for recycling.

Together with our partner, the Austrian research and testing institute OFI, we will highlight all the changes you can make to optimise your packaging based on the results of the recyclability evaluation. Once you know how to make your packaging fit for recycling, you can increase its recyclability to 90 % or more under ideal circumstances.

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Acting sustainably means moving towards sustainable production.

Global resources are scarce. Opt for recycled materials and reusable packaging instead of single-use packaging whenever you can. We use state-of-the-art recycling, processing and refining technologies to provide you with high-quality secondary raw materials made in Austria for your manufacturing needs.

* ARAplus GmbH provides a contingent of selected services free of charge.


Do you wish to optimise the recyclability of your packaging? We are happy to advise you on how to best fulfil your responsibilities in the circular economy.

Infos and Downloads

ARA Circular Design guide (German)

Learn more about ARA Circular Design in our guide.

Folder ARA Circular Design (German)

Circular Packaging Guidelines

FH Campus Wien, with support from ARA, developed the Circular Packaging Design Guideline, which outlines the basics of sustainable packaging design and makes recommendations on how to design recyclable packaging systems along the entire value chain.

Circular Packaging Design Guideline (German)
Circular Packaging Design Guideline (English)

ECR Guide Packaging Design for Recycling

This guide provides recommendations on how to design product packaging for maximum circularity. The Sustainability evaluation publication contains suggestions on how to design sustainable products.

Packaging Design for Recycling (German)
Sustainability evaluation (German)

ARA Packaging cockpit guide (German)

Learn more about ARA Packaging cockpit in our guide.

Folder ARA Packaging cockpit (German)