ARA Sustainability Communication


For almost 30 years, Austria has demonstrated how to successfully implement the producer responsibility principle. But it will take more than that to protect the climate and the environment. We all have an essential role to play in the circular economy, and we need to do more to live up to it. Austria will only be able to meet the EU’s new collection and recycling targets if we succeed in reaching out to those who need to be nudged in the right direction to take responsibility for their waste.


Show responsibility


Influence consumer behaviour for the better


Project positivity

How we create Awareness and Acceptance.

Raising awareness of sustainability and communicating its importance to the general public has been a priority for us right from day one of ARA’s existence. It’s part of what we do on behalf of, and in cooperation with, Austrian business. ARA’s environmental education initiatives make sure that even preschoolers learn about sustainable behaviour. This makes it more likely that they will adopt sustainable consumption patterns and use resources carefully as adults. Businesses encounter more and more customers who value sustainable goods and are willing to pay for high-quality green products.

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Sustainability Campaigns

Highlighting the circular commitment of business

No-one can change the world in isolation. We have teamed up with Austrian businesses for a joint recycling awareness campaign. Targeted at final consumers, the campaign shows what every one of us can do to make the circular economy work while highlighting companies’ sustainability commitment. It’s that easy.

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Joint PR

Presenting corporate sustainability success stories

You wish to communicate your sustainability credentials and let the world know how you contribute to environmental and climate protection? Tap into our wealth of marketing expertise. The sustainability PR campaigns we develop together will generate positive conversation and enhance your reputation.

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Raising awareness among the consumers of today and tomorrow

Our initiatives reach out to people wherever they are. For instance, ARA’s environmental education programme, ARA4kids, shows our youngest children what they can do to protect the environment. ARA’s anti-litter initiative in cooperation with the Austrian business community encourages people to bin their litter and supports a number of anti-litter projects.


Do you wish to showcase your sustainability credentials? We are happy to advise you on how to communicate your commitment effectively.