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IKEA aims to become climate positive and fully embrace the circular economy by 2030. We at ARA contributed our expertise at a joint press conference.

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Sustainability action cannot be delayed

Both in Austria and at the global level, IKEA aims to lead by example with a sustainable business model. At the beginning of the new fiscal year, IKEA presented its new “People & Planet Positive” strategy at a digital press conference.

What we do for IKEA

Our long-standing close partnership with the Swedish furniture giant goes well beyond the scope of a packaging compliance service: We deliver the full range of our services and share our expertise to support IKEA's Sustainability Agenda 2030.

At a joint press conference right before the start of the new fiscal year, we sent a clear message of our commitment to the circular economy and the “People & Planet Positive” strategy.

To present this flagship project to a targeted audience with a vested interest in sustainability, we advertised it in mailings and content displayed throughout the ARA network before and during the event.

Repair – reuse – recycle

At the joint press conference, ARA CEO Harald Hauke voiced his conviction that businesses need to take responsibility – as they are obligated to do. “IKEA’s commitment is a valuable contribution to promoting the circular economy, and we of ARA are happy to provide our expertise as partners.”

IKEA’s “People & Planet Positve” strategy focuses above all on offering more sustainable products, but also on phasing in electrical vehicles in their transport fleet and optimising the energy performance of new and existing company buildings.

Today, more than 1,600 IKEA products for sale in Austria are made from recycled materials. And their number is set to grow further. At the same time, IKEA continues to develop its circular economy services: IKEA Second Life allows customers to return selected second-hand IKEA furniture to the store so it can be resold for reuse. The company plans to expand this service to promote a sharing and circular economy.

Also, IKEA increasingly relies on sustainable design so it can offer more easy-to-repair products. This helps prolong product life and reduces avoidable waste from the very beginning.

Joining forces to achieve more sustainability

As a driving force for the circular economy in Austria, we do everything in our power to support our partners in achieving their sustainability goals. We are not content with just providing a packaging compliance service and high-quality secondary raw materials – we also join forces to facilitate the transparent communication of defined goals and how to achieve them.

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“We need to reconsider how we live, work and travel to make sure we respect the boundaries of our planet. And we need to work together in ensuring the sustainable procurement, production and use of goods and in developing solutions for a clean and green future.”

Alpaslan Deliloglu

Country Manager and Country Sustainability Officer, IKEA Austria

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Project Lead: Gernot Schildbeck