Our ARA4kids programme promotes green awareness and respect for the environment among our youngest children. They learn what they can do to protect the environment while having fun. ARA4kids focuses on litter prevention, waste prevention and the separate collection and recycling of packaging.


The ARA4kids pack for teachers and waste consultants contains simple and creative suggestions and teaching materials to be used in preschool and primary school. What can I do to prevent waste? How do I sort packaging properly and what happens to the sorted material? Why is it important to avoid littering?


ARA4Kids Teaching and learning folder

Every child knows a thing or two about waste. Together, they can brainstorm ideas on how to handle waste properly. The ARA4kids teaching and learning folder contains additional creative suggestions for preschool and primary school kids. Let us help you teach them how to prevent waste and sort their waste properly.

Download (only in German)

Puzzle book

Download our puzzle book about recycling. It features Tobi Trennguru, a kangaroo that will teach the kids all they need to know about waste sorting and packaging recovery.

Puzzle book

Workshop guide environmental education for preschoolers

This guide is a valuable resource for preschool teachers who wish to hold a waste workshop the class will be enthusiastic about. No lengthy preparation required.

This resource has two parts, one for children below the age of 3, one for children aged 3-6.


ARA4Kids comics

Join Tobi Trennguru and his gang on a fun adventure. This pack contains a comic book and other play-and-learn resources like a board game and colouring pages.


Let's sing and dance!

Cheerful songs and dance moves: The stories about Tobi Trennguru and his gang are also for those who love to sing along and dance.

Son lyrics and dance choreography

Waste sounds guessing game

Can you tell what is being thrown in the bin? Find out here.

Waste sounds guessing game

Together for the future

Would you like to learn more about our ARA4kids programme and offers? Or do you have a great idea on how to teach children about the environment and sustainable behaviour? Please do not hesitate to get in touch. We would love to hear from you.