MediaMarkt: Taking back e-waste

MediaMarkt goes the extra mile to keep electronic waste in the loop: Customers can not only drop off old devices at collection points or return them to MediaMarkt shops, they can also hand them over when accepting a delivery. This solution was developed in close cooperation with ARA.

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MediaMarkt has provided entertainment through state-of-the-art electronic devices for 30 years, catering to customers with a wide product range, professional consultancy and numerous other services. The company was established in Austria in 1990 and has relied on our services from day one.

MediaMarkt customers may drop off e-waste and batteries at designated collection points or return old appliances to the shop when buying the same type of new ones. An additional service provided in cooperation with our WEEE recycling subsidiary, ERA, allows MediaMarkt customers to request free collection of their old appliances when accepting delivery of comparable new ones.

And we organise the proper disposal and recovery of e-waste for MediaMarkt. The waste scrap collected is reprocessed in the ARA network, and valuable secondary raw materials are kept in the loop.

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Project lead: Gernot Schildbeck