Samsung: Using resources effeciently

Samsung Electronics aims to minimise the use of resources by standardising materials and changing processes in development and production. We use our collection and recycling expertise to support Samsung in recovering valuable materials and transforming them into secondary resources.

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Austrians collect roughly 80,000 tonnes of e-waste and around 2,500 tonnes of batteries a year. These materials are anything but waste, though: All discarded electronic devices contain valuable resources. When collected, sorted and recycled properly, they can be used to help make new products.

South Korean electronics giant Samsung has made this principle a pillar of their sustainability strategy. The company aims to reduce the use of virgin natural resources and raw materials by maximising reuse of post-industrial materials from the manufacturing stage.

Samsung has worked with our WEEE recycling subsidiary, ERA, for many years to deliver sustainable production in line with their circular economy principles. We take on all obligations Samsung has under the Austrian Packaging Ordinance, WEEE Ordinance and Batteries Ordinance.

Nationwide collection of high-quality secondary resources

In addition, ERA provides a comprehensive collection infrastructure with over 2,100 collection points where Samsung customers can drop off old electronic devices. ARA and its extensive partner network ensure that the collected materials are sent for state-of-the-art recovery and processed into high-quality secondary raw materials.

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Project lead: Gernot Schildbeck