Vivatis Holding: Comprehensive support

We make sure that the packaging of VIVATIS products is collected and recycled properly. In addition, we host training seminars and support VIVATIS Holding in the classification of packaging and the submission of packaging data to ensure legal compliance, efficiency and high environmental standards.

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Offering innovative, top quality products while ensuring sustainability – this is what the Austrian VIVATIS group is all about. Its signature brands include Maresi dairy products, KnabberNossi® snack sausages and Inzersdorfer ready-made meals, all of which are household names in Austria.

The responsible use of resources and comprehensive, sustainable environmental protection are cornerstones of the VIVATIS group’s corporate culture. For instance, they use local ingredients wherever possible. In their operations, they prioritise the use of modern production plants and procedures along with resource-saving and energy-efficient processes.

All of the electricity used by VIVATIS comes from renewable sources. Throughout the logistics chain, VIVATIS aims to deliver carbon savings, both through its external partners and in its own vehicle fleet. Waste heat recovery, water treatment, and energy-efficient lighting technology are standard at all group facilities.

Over the past three years, a set of energy efficiency measures allowed cutting energy consumption by more than 14 % on average per tonne of final product. VIVATIS also focuses on regional, organic and sustainable products, with a special emphasis on waste prevention and the use of recyclable packaging. This is where we come in.

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“ARA takes on all obligations we have under the Packaging Ordinance and ensures the proper collection and recycling of the packaging of our products. Their experts provide guidance to our employees, e.g. on the classification of packaging or the submission of data reports. They also hold seminars on topical issues. This way, we can be certain that we meet our producer responsibility obligations in an efficient and sustainable manner.”

Gerald Hackl

Chief Executive Officer, VIVATIS Holding

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Project lead: Verena Rössner